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…It is my heartfelt wish that all people have access to the same set of practices and skills that I discovered, looking for help with Tourette Syndrome, ADD, and OCD.  I know from my own experience that mindfulness and related practices have the potential to change significantly lives for the better, and I believe everyone deserves that…

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Learning to Thrive provides one-on-one coaching, group instruction, and organizational consulting on how to integrate the principles of mindfulness and positive psychology into our lives, our families, our schools, and our workplaces.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a quality of our attention in which we’re able to be aware of our present experience without automatically reacting to it or trying to change it.  This awareness allows us not only to notice our current habits of behavior and mind, but also to make different choices about how we conceive of and respond to what’s going on in our lives.  Mindfulness is not always easy or pleasant, but with practice, it helps us be better equipped to deal with difficult sensations, emotions, and experiences as well.  In the medical world, mindfulness is now validated as a viable part of an intervention for difficulties related to stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and even chronic pain, among others.  In school settings, it is commonly taught to help cultivate important skills like focus, self-regulation, and compassion.  Mindfulness-based coaching uses the simple (though not always easy) act of noticing to empower us to go in a new direction.

Why Positive Psychology? 

Positive psychology is the study of what works and how we can learn from what’s going well, and puts forward a model for wellness as not just the absence of illness but to be active thriving.  While we tend to hear most about what’s not working–both in our own lives and in the world around us–there is now a significant body of research that identifies what we can do to be at our best.  This means focusing in on our habits and routines, as well as our beliefs, values, strengths, and mindset.   Following the science of well-being and employing practices that are research-backed can help ensure that the changes we make are lasting and meaningful ones.

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