Sharing practices for wellbeing, resilience, and connection in overwhelming times


With all that’s going on in today’s world, it’s normal if things feel like too much sometimes. But with the right practices and a supportive environment, everyone can learn to thrive.

I work with schools, organizations, and families to share simple, evidence-based practices that help people to live more fully, and to feel empowered to change the systems that are overwhelming.

I share practices that have changed my own life — practices I wish I’d learned earlier. I’m committed to helping others discover them sooner.

Whether you are a school, organization, or individual, Learning to Thrive is here to help you make lasting changes that support wellbeing — for you, your community, and for our very society.

What I Offer:


Do more than just talk about it.

I design and lead workshops, retreats, and support groups that let participants directly experience resilience practices for themselves and learn about their benefits.


For long-term change, culture is key.

I support organizations in shifting their culture over time and designing programs that support wellbeing, engagement, and equity.


Change doesn’t happen overnight.

I offer one-on-one and small group coaching to help people incorporate resilience practices into their regular routines and make them habits.

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