Services for Organizations

I support you in bringing about a more equitable and just world by supporting the wellbeing of your employees and the culture of your organization. 

I offer expert facilitation for team retreats and workshops, as well as coaching in the following areas:

  • Wellbeing & resilience: Manage overwhelm, exhaustion, & burnout; investigate strategies for a work culture that feels “too much” or “too fast”
  • Engagement: Maintain a sense of meaning, purpose, & perspective; stay connected to your mission
  • Connection: Nurture relationships through mindful listening and mindful communication; move beyond “mandatory fun” while focusing on connection and belonging in order to help your team build a sense of cohesion and psychological safety.
  • Strategy & work sessions: Incorporate the science of attention, productivity, and goal-setting to make sure your team makes the most of its time together. 
  • Crisis support and community healing: Following challenging or traumatic events, it is important to reestablish a sense of safety and connection before attempting “business as usual.”

My minimum engagement for in-person visits is generally a full day of programming, or multiple consecutive half days.  For virtual programming, shorter stand-alone programs may be an option. All programs are custom-designed, based on your organization’s needs and are priced accordingly.

For non-profits, B Corporations, and BIPOC& LGBTQ+ owned businesses, I will work with you to ensure pricing matches your resources.

Services for Individuals

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING for Resilience & Wellbeing

Resilience coaching provides you the support you need to find a more balanced perspective and to identify practices that will help maintain that perspective forward

Areas of coaching include:

  • Identifying practices that support your wellbeing and bring joy
  • Managing the effects of overwhelm, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress
  • Cultivating perspective by staying connected to your strengths and what’s going well
  • Getting unstuck in work, relationships, or other challenging situations
  • Building distress tolerance & dealing with change
  • Managing chronic pain or discomfort
  • Integrating peak nervous system experiences, including silent retreats and therapeutic psychedelic journeys

I typically book coaching packages of 6 sessions at a time.

I offer a limited number of coaching packages at a sliding scale to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ educators and organizers.

Services for Tourette Syndrome & Tics

I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in 6th grade, at a time when the only two clinical options for tics were to take heavy sedatives or to ignore them. I later understood that I also had the common comorbidities of OCD and ADHD. I spent much of my young adult life trying to make tics go away until I started to practice mindfulness and discovered a whole world of practices that helped me to settle my nervous system and befriend discomfort. I feel very lucky to be able to share what I’ve learned with those who are just getting started on their journey.


I facilitate the monthly support group for the New York City chapter of the Tourette Association of America. The group is open to anyone who experiences Tourette Syndrome or tics themselves, or their loved ones.

The group meets the second Tuesday of each month, 7:30pm – 8:45pm ET. Click here to register and participate.


I offer one-on-one coaching for individuals living with tics as well as their families. Below are some of the most common topics that we explore.

For people with tics and other comorbidities:

  • Mindfulness and somatic practices for tics and nervous system balancing
  • Working with discomfort and making peace with tics, urges, and obsessions
  • You are not broken, even though you are often talked about and defined by the language of “disorder” and “deficit”

For parents and loved ones:

  • Understanding the experience of premonitory urges, tics, and obsessions, including what is and isn’t likely to be within your child’s control
  • Self-care and tending to your own nervous system as an important intervention
  • What to ignore and how to talk with your child about their experience without reinforcing or exacerbating tics
  • Setting boundaries and limits
  • Making a plan for school or other external stakeholders, including recommended educational accommodations

Read more about my mindful approach to working with tics here.


I typically book coaching packages of 6 sessions at a time.

I offer my services at a sliding scale for families affected by Tourette Syndrome and tics.